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ChipHacker Launches Knowledge Exchange For Electronics Hackers

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ChipHacker has launched a knowledge sharing community with the aim of bringing electronics hackers from all over the world together to share their skills and experience.

The site is another to use StackOverflow’s StackExchange as its platform (TheNextWeb recently ran a story on another site using it, Startups.com). I have to agree with Zee’s comments in that article in that ChipHacker looks somewhat soul-less at the moment.

On that note, I wonder about the whole Stack Overflow phenomenon and whether or not it’s success is due more to the fame of its founders, Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood, than the kick-ass-ness of the platform. Don’t get me wrong, I like the platform and how it’s built, but does the site justify the hype? I guess time will tell.

Getting back to ChipHacker, there’s a relatively small but growing community interested in electronics-hacking, whether robotics, arduino or something else, so it makes perfect sense to have a niche site for them to share knowledge.

The site is run by Marcus Shappi, a Startup Camp Sydney veteran and owner of Little Bird Electronics, so you’d expect there to be some sort of online retail play on the site once the traffic picks up.

In the end though, anything that helps promote user-led innovation, whether hardware or software based, is a good thing. So here’s hoping the site can get some traction and play its part in the creation of some cool stuff for us all to play with.

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